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Locker Room & Sports Equipment Disinfection

NDS is an expert in locker room, gyms, group exercise, and sports equipment disinfection.  Football, lacrosse, soccer, and baseball equipment disinfection is both an art and a science.  This gear can be described as nothing other than "funky" and full of nasty, smelly bacteria.


Bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi thrive in dark, low natural air flow, low sun light or UV, high moisture, and heat areas such as locker rooms, sports equipment, and bags.  These dangerous pathogens you come into contact with through cuts, bruises, or abrasions can be very dangerous. These pathogens have become resistant to most common used cleaners. One single contact with them and then you are dealing with MRSA, staph or even worse.


Leave the dangerous pathogens disinfection to the professionals.  Call NDS for a free consultation.



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